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Scared a woman at a childern's amusement park by imitating a lizard.


My family and I have been following the issues in Ukraine since winter. My grandparents, aunts, cousins and friends are spread out between Kiev, Kharkov and Crimea. I was born there and it’s practically my second home. So, as many of you can imagine, it’s been so painful to follow all that is happening in the news and in the papers, but what’s even more painful is to see the relevance of the crisis fade away in our media.

I made this illustration for anyone to use as their cover photos or profile pictures to keep circulating support and awareness for what is happening in Ukraine. 

Please, feel free to download this and use it. Every bit of support helps!


I work as a caricature artist at Sesame Place during the summer. It’s possibly the best job ever, except for the weather and the rude costumers. Here’s a sketch of my coworkers on a really hot day. We needed a reason to sit, so I drew them.

best of dumb exo:

↳ Tao

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the lost and confused jong bros

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no thanks mate.

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kyungsoo as the fan ㅡ “it’s ok, it’s love” 

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scan by 浅笑出了声;

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Son, you were named after the bravest man i know. Rap Monster.

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yeah boyfriends are pretty cool but have u ever heard of chocolate fountains

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Me writing smut
  • Me: Cock...................
  • Me: ... er spaniel. sweet jesus I can't do this
So um

someone found an old chat of mine and now it has 33, 000 notes…………???? 


trying to get your friends into your fav Kpop group like 

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Block B MVs [insp.]



Tiffany be like this is my Boyfriend image  

And Taeyeon be like This is my Boyfriend image

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the future is here and it’s horrible

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